I understand that women are angry about President Trump’s “locker room” talk. But I don’t understand why women aren’t angry about the plethora of media that objectifies females. Not only do women seem blind to it, but they participate in it.

Media is saturated with women played out as objects to look at instead of people with skills and talents worthy of admiration. Women pose nude, or nearly so, on the cover of magazines, fight crime in skin tight clothing in movies, walk the red carpet in strategically placed sheer cloth, and gyrate to their own music in nothing more than sparkly bathing suits. In interviews, women are asked tough questions about skin care, diets, and broken relationships.

If this is how we women allow ourselves to be portrayed, then how do we expect men to treat us with respect and dignity? Turn on any radio station playing top hits and you can hear all about how popular male musicians view the women around them. One singer considers himself a ferocious animal who “preys” on women like they are pieces of meat to be devoured. Many singers seem to think the word bitch is just another word for woman. Others sing about one-night-stands and the endless string of women they can conquer.

This isn’t the only area of issue. Just look at how women are portrayed in comic books and video games. Their boobs look like bowling balls suspended off their chests. I don’t know how they can stand up, let alone fight crime or mystical beasts. If women think that Barbie dolls are bad for a girl’s self-image, what do they think about how this portrayal of women will shape boys’ expectations?

So, why is there a huge outrage against what President Donald Trump said more than a decade ago, but nothing about these atrocities? Why aren’t there marches outside record studios or protests against video game makers?

Feminism is not just about a pro-choice argument. It is also about the right to dignity for women. We should be outraged by what has become an ordinary part of our culture. This isn’t just about one man’s words, but an entire industry that profits off of reducing women to nothing more than mindless bodies.  We can’t put all the blame on the media, though. We have to respect ourselves in order to be respected.

The first step is to demand more from ourselves and each other. Do not listen to music that is demeaning. Do not buy magazines or watch movies that portray women as objects. Do not allow your sons and daughters to play video games that proffer unrealistic expectations of women’s bodies. Do not purchase clothing for your daughter that encourages her to dress inappropriately, and explain to her why you won’t. Unfortunately, it may come down to a loss of revenue, but hopefully these companies will get the message, too. Once we set the boundaries, and stand up for our own dignity, we will succeed in making a positive change to our culture. Our daughters will be proud.


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