When I started this blog, I swore to myself that it would never be a raging, angry rant about everything I see wrong in the world. I personally believe that the words we speak and the thoughts we have are a reflection of our heart. I want to provide a positive, uplifting perspective to the problems we all face. Angry rants never lead to solutions, but facts and good manners just might. People whose words are more often than not negative, demoralizing, destructive, and hurtful are people whose hearts are full of pain, negativity, cynicism, and fear. Many people in this world are holding on to things of their past, and the emotions tied to the negative events have changed who they are and how they treat others.

We all have events in our past that we wish we could have skipped. I was a terribly insecure young girl and I made a fool out of myself on numerous occasions. I embarrassed not only myself, but sometimes my family, too. When I am feeling particularly down on myself, I dredge up all the stupid things I did and said and I feel the same surge of embarrassment and self-loathing I did when the event happened. As I have gotten older, my faith in God has helped me to realize that making mistakes does not make me a mistake. I have learned to let go of the past. I am not the same person I was then, and I won’t let those events define who I am.

We often hear that bullies attack other people because of their own problems. Sometimes making others feel as bad as they feel gives them a sense of control or power. Sometimes misery simply loves company. For this reason, our country is facing serious divides. There is so much anger, hurt, and fear among us that we can’t see our way to peace. The only way to heal the world is to heal yourself. You must let go of the wrongs you have faced, the pain that you have felt, and the indignities that you have survived. That’s the key…you have survived. You no longer need to be bound by the past. You are not who you were at that time. You are strong. You are full of love. You are filled with purpose. When you embrace forgiveness on a personal level, you can heal not only yourself, but you can contribute to the healing of this country. Until then, you will continue to speak the negativity in your heart and our divisions will grow.

I wish everyone could embrace this fact. No matter what has happened, or who caused the pain or fear in your life, you are worth more and you can do more than what that event has done to you. Holding on to past wrongs keeps you from reaching your potential. You will continue to feel hopeless, useless, angry, and even antagonistic.  Your words and actions will become a reflection of the negative emotions you have allowed to bind you. Release yourself from these bonds and feel the freedom that comes with not carrying the weight of the past around.

It is my prayer that all the people in this world who have been hurt will find a way to forgive. Your life is worth much more and you should not allow yourself to be stifled by the past. Make an audible declaration to forgive and to move forward in positivity, love, and purpose. Then let the healing begin!


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