Last night, I lay in bed with the television off, eyes heavy and burning with exhaustion. The past few days have been draining and I felt like I had been defeated. I found myself uttering a weak prayer that was simply a vague request for God’s help. As I silently prayed, my thoughts became stronger and my words more precise. I prayed for exactly what I need and became very specific. As I felt a release of anxiety, I realized I was more awake and aware than I had been in a few days. I felt peace and hope enter my heart. I could feel the Lord Jesus envelop me in his love. The frustration and fear that had crept over me was replaced with the reassurance that God was taking care of me. He knows my circumstances, and He will provide. I awoke this morning with new determination and the knowledge that God will guide me and give me the strength I need.

For anyone who doesn’t believe in God, or who questions His existence, I ask you to pray. What can it hurt? Treat it like an experiment. You have a theory that God is not real. Now test that theory. Find a quiet place, remove the doubt from your mind, and ask God for His help in whatever you are facing.  Be sincere about it. Feel the peace that comes with knowing that the weight of your problems doesn’t have to lie completely on your shoulders. God will answer your prayer. It may be a feeling, a realization, or a response in a way you never expected.

God has a plan for each person. Although there are struggles, if you put your faith in Him, God will provide everything you need. It is the goal of the enemy (Satan) to tear you down and to make you believe that you are not good enough. Don’t fall for it. You are perfect as you are and you can make a positive impact on the world around you. Just put your faith in God and amazing things will happen.


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